With 7,107 islands to play on while taking a holiday, The Philippines offers fun,
adventure and relaxation at such an affordable price you will wonder why you haven’t been there sooner.

We offer customized sightseeing, relaxation, dive or cross country Philippines adventure tours which explore the islands of the ‘Visayas’ region on motorbikes/van/bus and other more exotic forms of local transport. You will meet and interact with the people on a grassroots level and sample all the local flavors or alternatively you could simply just relax in the finest resorts and beaches the Islands have to offer, from where you will enjoy day trips to the lesser known jewels in this stunning region of The Philippines. We know the Philippines and booking with us means that you can rest assured you will be taken care of by New Zealand’s most experienced Philippines travel experts.

The Philippines has undeniably some of the best beaches in South East Asia (Boracay voted no. 1 many years running by numerous international travel publications). Boracay was also voted as the worlds second best beach by tripadvisor.com in 2011. There are numerous less traveled paths in the Philippines that lead to equally stunning beaches and vistas, a large portion of these locations are found in the Visayas region. The region is famous for it’s Crystal clear waters and fine white sandy beaches. We can and will show you some of the finest places the Philippines has to offer.

“These guys can ride. Just as important in The Philippines, they know where to ride. And when to take a boat. Or a bus. Sometimes even a whale shark…” (Rob, March 2012)

Our mission is to guide our guests on an adventure tour of the lesser known travel destinations to provide a truly unique experience that will leave them with lifelong memories. The Philippines has an abundance of natural beauty and a culture built on family values. When you come on tour you will be amazed at the politeness and the friendly nature of the people who will make your holiday experience in The Philippines that much more enjoyable.


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