What you need to know

Visa: Not required upon entry for New Zealand and Australian Citizens (or any other country with a diplomatic relationship). A 28 day stay is allowable provided a ticket for onward journey is produced upon arrival.
Travel shots: Standard tropical shots apply (rabies is recommended by us due to feral dogs in the countryside).
Water: Water in the large metro areas is treated although civil infrastructure varies between municipalities so we recommend bottled water for drinking. Bottled mineral water is freely available everywhere from abundant local sources making it cheap to buy.
Temperature: Average year round is 26.6 degrees Celsius. Light breathable clothing and open footwear is the norm.
Currency: The national form of currency is the Philippine peso (PHP), it is decimal currency divided into 100 centavos. The units are:

Coins in common circulation
.25 centavo (production ceased in 2008)
.5 centavo (production ceased in 2008)
1 centavo (production ceased in 2008)
1 peso
5 peso

Notes in circulation
20 pesos
50 pesos
100 pesos
200 pesos
500 pesos
1000 pesos

To get some idea of the value we have prepared the following average comparisons:

bottled water= 25 pesos
Can of coke= 30 pesos
recyclable bottle of coke = 14 pesos
Backpacker/homestay accommodation = 300 pesos/night
mid range double hotel room = 1500 pesos/night
main course restaurant meal = 150-300 pesos
stubbie of beer (served) = 50-60 pesos
liter of petrol = around 55 pesos for standard.

The conversion trends around 1NZD = 33PHP (1 USD = 45PHP)

Current rate: 

Electricity: National grid is 220 volt although most hotels use 110 volt. Socket is two pin vertical, adapter required.

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