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Merlie having lived on the island of Negros all her life has extensive knowledge of the area and has assisted us in locating some of the lesser known jewels of Negros. Her motorcycle skills are at an expert level, combined with her friendly and bubbly personality, Merlie is a fun and exciting crew member to have on board.

Nessel is one of our local dive guides on the Moalboal leg of the tour. She is a dive master at Nelsons scuba school who dives daily and knows the best dive spots on the day. For the less confident diver Nessel has proven to be a valuable member of our crew.

Philippines Adventure Tours offers three different types of guided tour.

  • Island hopping Motorcycle tours
  • Customized dive tours
  • Rest and relaxation orientated tours

Island hopping motorcycle tour: Our Island hopping motorcycle adventure tour is suitable for medium to expert riders and consists of ten days traversing the Islands of Cebu and Negros which offer magnificent vistas, white sand beaches and intrepid mountainous rides into the interiors where we have found hidden waterfalls and sleepy lakes. Other features of this tour include attractions such as world class snorkeling and swimming with whale sharks as well as visiting numerous Spanish colonial  sites dating as far back as the 15th century and a number of the indigenous historical sites of significance.

Customized dive tours: When you book one of our customized dive tours you are booking your key to some of the worlds best dive sites. The Philippines is fast becoming a top international dive destination and is the center of the most bio diverse and marine-rich waters on earth. We have tailored a fantastic dive tour that covers seven islands and loads of premium dive sites including (but not restricted to); whale shark encounters, marine reserves, turtle breading grounds, abundant coral reefs that have a myriad of sea life such as the clown fish and lion fish, sardines, tuna, drop offs, wreck dives and micro dives. Our tour enables you to concentrate on what you want to do the most: dive. 

All of our dive tours include a dive with the whale sharks in Oslob.  Philippine Dive Tours

R&R: Our rest and relaxation tour is the perfect getaway staying in the finest resorts located on some of the most exclusive and pristine islands The Philippines have to offer.

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These islands are surrounded by the most amazing coral reefs which are only a snorkel away. In the cities you will find international branded shopping in some of South East Asia’s biggest malls where an extensive range of health and beauty services and products are available. Try a one hour full body massage for only $8.00 or a two hour facial at an upmarket spa for just $50.00. For the slightly more intrepid traveler motorcycles can be hired on any leg of the tour. This tour also includes an option of a whale shark snorkeling experience. 

The Philippines Adventure Tour

Why choose a P.A.T. adventure?

  • Group dynamics – traveling with a group of like minded people always ensures a great time for all
  • Local knowledge of the customs, the language and the lay of the land will increase your overall holiday experience.
  • Unprecedented problem solving while on the run – the Philippines can present a number of hurdles to the uninitiated and a good guide is worth their weight in gold. We have a large number of crew on the ground in the islands and we are yet to strike an unsolvable issue.
  • Reputable connections and service – we have invested considerable time and effort into fostering relationships within the islands including conducting a joint publicity venture with the Department of Tourism Philippines Region VII in March 2012, with the endorsement of the Filipino Ambassador to New Zealand. We choose to use D.O.T. accredited Services whenever applicable. We also handle international travel via bonded travel agents so that your tour will result in a quality experience.

Ten days, seven islands, unparalleled fun and adventure

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