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Kiwi Dive Guide: Chris

Chris has spent considerable time checking out various dive sites, along the way we have created some good relationships with dive masters and business owners.

“We have forged relationships with key resorts and shops to bring you some of the world’s best diving at group discount rates”.

Morning, afternoon and night dives are all available, booking with us will bring the cost of your dives down.

The biggest part of any dive trip in The Philippines is knowing how to get to the key spots quickly and efficiently. Many new divers to the Philippines spend a lot of valuable dive time and money mucking around while finding their way to the best spots or they just end up stuck in one spot on a so called ‘tour’ package. We have invested considerable time, local knowledge and effort in researching and exploring the most expedient routes to and from the best of the best in order to maximize your dive time!

Check out what PADI OW dive instructor, Jude from Sydney Australia had to say: Click here

On any given tour there are at least seven dive day opportunities that span across the seven different islands, giving you a bountiful selection of different sites to choose from. Diving in The Philippines has consistently been under reported, and because of that, we can assure you that everyone who comes there for the first time will be amazed at what they find.

12 days, seven islands, dozens of the world’s premium dive sites.

Panagsama Beach is the home to some of the friendliest people you will ever meet and some of our closest friends

“I would have been happy even if I had stayed in Moalboal the entire time” Bruce T., March 2012

The diving and snorkeling straight off the reef outside your hotel room is magic within itself, yet the real treasure is a short boat trip across the water to one of the world’s top spots, Pescador Island. The home of sardines, tuna, thresher sharks and a myriad of other tropical sea life. Two full days of diving can be logged around Moalboal and Pescador on this leg. A reasonable full day would typically consist of around 2 dives, although the hard out are welcome to try for more.

Asides from Pescador Island there are a number of marine reserve areas located within a short distance from Moalboal. There are numerous upmarket and world class resorts that operate along the white sand beach that stretches for quite a few kilometers.

Photos from Nessel Calipay at Nelsons Dive Center (all taken around Pescador Island)

Whale Shark Diving
While on transit to the next leg of the journey you will experience the never to be forgotten memory of being up close to the whale shark. This is a surreal experience that can take on the feeling of cartoonish disbelief when you observe these gentle ocean creatures from a seafloor vantage point or if you don’t feel like diving you can swim with them from the surface with snorkel and mask. The locally run attraction coaxes the sharks into about 6 meters of water for unparalleled viewing like nowhere else in the world (the P.A.D.I code of conduct for protection of marine wild life, national and regional laws as well as bylaws are enforced at this municipal site).


Negros and Apo Island
The waterfront city of Dumaguete is the home of a romantic boulevard and even more romantic people. Dumaguete is also the perfect jump point for a number of other premium dive spots including the hidden jewel, Apo Island. Diving Apo Island is stepping up the top 100 list after Pescador (Apo consistently comes up in the top 50 votes by divers). Two full days of diving can be logged between Negros and Apo on this leg.

There are 12 highly recommended dive sites including a native boat wreck and a muck dive (car wreck) for macro lovers all within 15-20 minutes from the city.

Apo Island & Reef
Apo is famous for its turtle colony breeding ground, where the turtles can be found grazing just off the beach in a couple of meters of water. Even if you are not a diver, Apo is definitely a must-see destination for the sheer enjoyment and experience of snorkeling amongst a healthy and abundant turtle population. The island is becoming somewhat of a diving mecca and is also the home to a large breeding population of clown fish. Only around an hour’s travel from Dumaguete (30mins road/30mins boat), Apo is the perfect day trip destination on this leg. Two to three dives can be logged on the island in the course of a day trip.

There are 10 premium dive sites on Apo Island
(overnight on the island at the resort is an option)
dive Philippines apo island

dive philippines apo is apo Island diving Philippines diving in the philippines diving with turtles in the Philippines

Photos of Apo Island by our local crew member and guide: Merlie Paltingca

Bohol is a must-see stepping stone to some of the best dive destinations in the Visayas Region. There are 13 dive sites on the southern end where we concentrate our tour. There is a strong and vibrant argument amongst the diving community as to where the best diving destinations in the Philippines are, and there is one island that continues to come up time and time again.

Philippines dive tours

The Visayas is an enigma when it comes to rating dive sites because there are literally hundreds of them and everyone has different tastes but one thing is for sure, they have something for everyone here. We will bring you to the islands of Bohol, Panglao and Balicasag on this leg of the journey.

We hope that you may make an informed and valuable contribution to the debate. And yes we believe you will see some of the best diving in the world!


Based out of the exclusive resort town of Alona beach, you will be able to relax in the tropical getaway atmosphere of beach dining and local flavor. Alona is a rest and relaxation/dive orientated beach and here you will meet people from all around the world who have come to dive or just relax, its a great place with a rejuvenating atmosphere. It’s the perfect spot to wind down and log another couple of great sites after your week of full-on diving.

This is a great video that details quite a bit of the sea life of Bohol, Panglao and Balicasag. There is of course much more to see but seeing is believing!

Balicasag has a marine reserve which is run and maintained in a joint venture between the Department of Tourism and The Philippines Navy. We guarantee that you will never see a site like this outside of the Philippines in terms of coral and fish life. Sitting some 8 kilometers off the coast of Panglao, the island is separated by a 1.8 odd km (1 mile) deep channel of water which ensures a deep and clean separation from the main islands. This island has got to be one of the most honest reserves on the planet. It’s absolutely stunning for the diver or even the snorkeler! Even the local Filipino’s who swim there for the first time are memorized by the stunning array of sea life in the reserve.

“I would say millions!”
C.W. (March 2012) when asked how many fish he spotted on Balicasag

“It’s the most surreal feeling I have ever experienced, it’s like the fish are your friends. They have no fear of you whatsoever, I felt like one of them! They are everywhere.”

the philippines

Balicasag Island


We also have an extension package that includes secluded and exclusive dive sites that are simply not available to the wandering traveler or uninvited. Please read this and remember when on our tour because if you are a serious diver, you WILL ask about it!

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